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1098T Tuition Statement

Online access to 1098-T Form »

The University at Buffalo partners with Heartland ECSI to deliver the 1098-T statements. The Heartland 1098-T website is available 24/7 providing student information. It allows students to view and print their 1098-T tuition statement.

Navigate to, then:

  • Locate the message: “Tax season is here. Want to view your tax form?” Click the red “click here” link.
  • The school identification page will be displayed. In the school name search box, type “University at Buffalo” and click submit.
  • The student Identification page will be displayed. Complete the fields for First Name, Last Name, SSN, and Zip Code.
  • Click the checkbox “I am not a robot,” then click “continue.”
  • Your personal 1098T page will be displayed. Click the (+) to expand the 1098-T Statement section to see your statement details as well as a link to a printer friendly version of your 1098T statement.

**Please Note: The 2016 1098-T tax season is coming to an end. The university’s 1098-T vendor, Heartland ECSI, is preparing to send this year’s 1098-T data to the IRS by the deadline of Friday, March 31. Beginning Tuesday, March 28th through April 2nd, we will not be able to create any new 1098-Ts while Heartland ECSI transmits the data to the IRS. They expect to resume on Monday, April 3, 2017, allowing us to once again create new 1098-Ts. During this time, students can view existing 1098-Ts online at Heartland ECSI.

For 1098-T Frequently Asked Questions, please click here.

For information on the Annual Social Security Number (SSN)/Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) Solicitation, please click here.

Education Credits (American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits)

The university must file a 1098-T with the IRS for enrolled students with a reportable transaction. The university does NOT report Box 1, student payments, but does report Box 2, the IRS qualified charges assessed during the tax year. Please note, depending on when you enroll for spring classes, your spring charges may post in December when the spring term is billed. The IRS requires us to report the charges according to the date and calendar year of when they are posted.

A 1098-T form is automatically mailed to students with a US citizenship status of native, naturalized, or permanent resident on university records. As required by law, your 1098-T statement will be mailed by January 31st of the following year. Students without one of these three US citizenship statuses, or students with a non-resident alien status will not have a 1098-T automatically generated. To request a 1098-T be generated, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at 716-645-1800 or for them. We will generate the current year’s 1098-T upon receipt of your request AND a completed modified W-9S form (PDF). The deadline to request the current tax year’s 1098-T form is July 1st.

We cannot provide tax advice or assistance related to the credit or how to claim the credit. The 1098-T, along with your copy of your UB billing statements, should be used by your tax preparer to determine your eligibility for a tax credit.

The university’s Federal Identification Number is 16-1514621. This number can also be found on your 1098-T statement. Individuals completing the New York State Tax Form IT-272 will use this number for the EIN of the University.

2013 1098-T Information »

In 2011, the University at Buffalo transitioned from a campus developed system to an integrated system for generating billing information. For the 2013 tax year, the University is utilizing our system’s delivered functionality for reporting tuition waivers.

For 2013 1098-T information, tuition waivers such as B140 Employee waivers, UUP Tuition Free waivers, Social Work waivers, and Critic Teacher waivers are reported in Box 2/4, reducing tuition charges. Tuition waivers are NOT treated the same as tuition scholarships. Therefore, tuition scholarships are reported in Box 5/6 as financial aid and scholarships.

The university’s change in how it reports tuition waivers will have no net effect when filing IRS Form 8863 (PDF). Please see the Instructions for IRS Form 8863 (PDF), p. 7 Adjusted Qualified Education Expenses Worksheet.

For tax year 2013, tuition waivers on the 1098-T were reported in the following manner:

Description Tax Years Prior to 2013 Tax Year 2013 Net Effect
Tuition Waivers Box 5: treated as financial aid and scholarships Box 2: treated as a “waiver” of tuition charges, reducing tuition charges No Effect
Prior Year Tuition Waiver Adjustments Box 6: Prior year adjustment to financial aid Box 4: Prior year adjustment to charges No Effect

Learn about the educational tax credit and the 1098-T form. (Video transcript, TXT)

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