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When We Bill You

Tuition, fees, and other university charges assessed on your first eBill will be due by the payment due date and are considered late if not received by then. Payment is expected by the due date even though you may have adjustments to your schedule or have not attained full-time status during enrollment/registration. You may view adjustments to your account in your HUB Student Center.

Failure to pay the amount due by the due date will result in a late payment fee determined by the unpaid balance amount. A postmark prior to the payment due date does not constitute the removal of a late fee. The late payment fee is non-negotiable and must be paid. To ensure your payment is received on time, pay online through your HUB Student Center!

Please Note: If you are a payment plan participant, you will NOT receive an eBill notification from the university. Your payment due dates, as determined by QuikPay/Nelnet, will be the 5th of the month (or the next business day if the 5th falls on a weekend). Please refer to your Payment Plan Terms and Conditions for your specific payment schedule.

eBills do not change when activity occurs AFTER the eBill is posted. New activity details will be available on the "Account Inquiry" screen in your HUB Student Center.

Printing a Paper Copy of Your Bill

Billing statements are now available in PDF format for printing. While using your HUB Student Center, be sure to accept pop-ups in order to successfully complete transactions and view all messages. To access your statement, go to your HUB Student Center, under the Finance section, click on the “payment options” link. This will take you into the Student Center Payment Option pages where you will see the “Message Board” welcoming you to the QuikPay system. From there you click on “View & Pay Accounts.” In the "Statement Information" box, click on "Download PDF" to open and view/or print your latest statement. To view/print prior statements, click on the "Statement History" tab and then click on the date of the statement. There you will see a PDF icon that you can click open and view/or print the statement.

Last updated: November 03, 2017 10:21 am EST