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2015-2016 Athletic Fee Report


The Athletic Fee was implemented in 1990. The Intercollegiate Athletics component is a vital part of the University community’s strong commitment to and support for intercollegiate athletics. UB has a long and proud history of participating in intercollegiate athletics, dating back to the late 1800s.

Today, UB has a very diversified and exciting program consisting of 20 highly competitive sports (basketball, indoor and outdoor track, cross-country, soccer, swimming/diving, and tennis for men and women; football, baseball and wrestling for men; and softball, volleyball, and crew for women). UB is one of only 128 institutions in the nation to participate at the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision level.

The Athletics Component facilitates greater student involvement. It enhances the quality of student life and increases opportunities for student interaction with peers from other like institutions. It also puts UB in the national spotlight, which helps in the recruitment and retention of students along with development efforts. For much more information on the different sports, history, FAQ, staff, schedules, etc., visit the website

Recreation and Intramural Services: The Athletic Fee component also supports the Recreation and Intramural program. A wide variety of programs and activities can be found on both campuses under the headings informal recreation, structured recreation, sports clubs, intramural sports, recreational instruction, and outdoor pursuits.

A well-run Recreational and Intramural program enhances student recruitment and is a focal point for many student related activities. Students are able to use many recreation and intramural services facilities and attend all intercollegiate athletics events (with the exception of post-season) free of charge.

Student Benefits/Impacts
  • Free access to all regular season Intercollegiate Athletics events
  • Access to student programming and promotions at Athletics events
  • Free use of many Recreation and Intramural Services facilities
    • Available recreation activities include:
      • Informal recreation (such as fitness centers and aquatics facilities)
      • Fitness (such as spinning and aerobics classes)
      • Intramural sports
      • Certification classes
  • Employment opportunities for students
  • Leadership opportunities – lifeguards, intramural officials, recreation supervisors, aerobics instructors, etc.
  • Increased opportunities for women to participate in Athletics
  • Increased institutional visibility and exposure
  • Support for students involved in cheer leading, pep band, and marching band
  • Increased diversity on campus
  • Increased sense of campus pride
  • Increased opportunities for student interaction with peers from other like universities
  • Enhanced quality of student life
  • Increased institutional student recruitment and retention
  • Programs and activities available to students as a healthy alternative to the use of drugs and alcohol
  • Opportunities for enhanced student engagement and involvement on campus
  • Access to high quality Athletics facilities
  • Increased connection with community and Alumni
  • Opportunities for socialization and peer interaction in a positive and healthy environment
  • Access to programs developing vital life skills
  • Increased awareness of personal health and well-being
  • Access to activities that help to build self-esteem, reduce stress, and promote healthy development
  • Athletic scholarship opportunities available to approximately 525 students
Student Access
  • North & South Campus Recreation Facilities
  • North Campus Athletics Facilities
  • Athletics and Recreation websites
Contact Information

Division of Athletics

Alumni Arena - North Campus:

  • Monday - Sunday; hours vary (Expanded hours on Saturday and Sundays during the spring semester)

Clark Hall - South Campus:

  • Monday - Sunday; hours vary
Actual Expenditures
Comprehensive Fee budget graph by functional area Comprehensive budget graph by initiative area

Recreation and Intramurals: $726,310

Student Employment: $685,355

Provides employment opportunities to UB students in a variety of areas in support of recreation programs and Intramurals.

  • Clark Hall monitors
  • Alumni Arena monitors
  • Pro Shop Attendants
  • Team Store Attendant
  • Life guarding
  • Aerobics/spinning
  • Fitness center
  • Structured programs

Fast Facts

  • The General University Service Fee accounts for $89,096 of Student Payroll costs.
  • 100% of Recreation and Intramurals student monitor payroll is funded through this fee.
  • Over 400 students are employed during the course of the year.

Recreation and Intramurals Infrastructure: $40,955

To provide resources to enable all students to participate in a variety of programs, both structured and informal.

  • Aquatics
  • Informal Recreation
  • Structured Recreation
  • Physical Fitness Testing Center
  • Recreation and Intramural Services Group Fitness
  • Intramurals
  • UB Fit Programs
  • CPR/AED Programs
  • Sport Clubs
  • Outdoor pursuits
  • Health and wellness
  • Athletic Training Consultation

Fast Facts

  • The General University Service Fee accounts for approximately $5,324 of Infrastructure costs.
  • Over 70% of Alumni Arena and Clark Hall visitors while monitors were on duty were undergraduate students.
  • Over 19,000 unique visitors at both facilities during monitored hours.
  • A total of 19 Intramural sports leagues are offered with approximately 4,400 participants per year
  • Over 2,000 individuals certified through CPR/AED courses each year

Intercollegiate Athletics: $8,650,399

Student Payroll for Intercollegiate Athletics Programs: $387,269

Provides employment opportunities to UB students in a variety of areas.

  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Academic Support Monitors
  • Event staffing
  • Office work
  • Facility support
  • Equipment Room support

Fast Facts

  • The General University Service Fee accounts for $50,345 of Student Payroll costs.
  • There are approximately 55 tutors who handle over 250 students each year
  • Assists in funding 100% of the overall IA student payroll allowing for enhanced tutoring service for the student athletes and adequate levels of support at athletic and university public events. There are approximately 100 student assistants on the Department of Athletics payroll to support the Event and Facility Operations.

Grants-in-Aid, Women: $3,561,841

Provides funding for women’s athletics

  • Title IX initiatives

Fast Facts

  • The General University Service Fee accounts for $463,039 of Grants-in-Aid costs.
  • Assists in funding over 70% of our female athlete scholarships continuing the university’s growth and development in accordance with the Gender Equity Plan.

Men’s and Women’s Sports: $4,701,289

Contributes toward operating dollars to assist the 10 varsity women’s teams and 10 varsity men’s teams to compete effectively.

  • Equipment
  • Game Expenses
  • General Operating Expenses
  • Recruiting
  • Supplies
  • Team travel
  • Title IX initiative

Fast Facts

  • The General University Service Fee accounts for $611,167 of Men’s and Women’s Sports costs.
  • Assists with the growth of Division of Athletic programs and supports ongoing student welfare issues
  • UB offers 20 IA sports and has approximately 286 Male Student Athletes or 54% and 235 Female Athletes or 46%.

What is my money going for?

Funding for athletics supports 20 competitive sports teams, open and structured recreation (payroll and infrastructure), intramurals and sports clubs. The fee supports operating expenses, personnel, and grants-in-aid totaling approximately $9 million annually.

Does the money support sports other than football?

The fee supports much more than football. The student fee, along with other funding sources provides support to 20 varsity sports (10 men and 10 women) and the administrative areas necessary to carry on the program, such as academic services, compliance, training, etc.

Why am I paying an Athletic Fee when you charge me for other things like intramurals?

The portion of the Athletic Fee that goes to Recreational and Intramural Services is not adequate to cover full funding for all of the programming that is appropriate for and demanded by our students. In addition, the small fee charged for entering a team into Intramural Sports competition helps guarantee that a team will not forfeit games. Of the $60 paid for team entry, $10 is refunded if a team does not forfeit any contests.

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