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Broad-based Fees FAQ

What are Broad-based Fees?

Broad-based fees are generally charged to all enrolled students to finance discrete activities that benefit the student body, excluding those activities that are part of the core instructional program. At UB, Broad-based Fees include the components of the Comprehensive Fee and the Academic Excellence and Success Fee.

What is the Academic Excellence and Success Fee? Why do we have it?

The Academic Excellence and Success Fee provides financial resources necessary for maintaining quality academic and student success programs and to support UB NYSUNY 2020. Revenue may be used to enhance student academic support services, advisement, research opportunities, equipment, facilities, and scholarships. In addition, funds may be used for personnel service needs such as tutoring, laboratory technicians, faculty and other academic and student support activities.

What is the Comprehensive Fee? Why do we have it?

The Comprehensive Fee is a consolidation of various individual fees (College, Health Services, Transportation, Technology, Campus Life, Athletics, Recreation and Transcript) into one charge on Student Accounts statements provided to UB students. This approach simplifies student invoices, improves campus processing of payments, better communicates the cost of attendance, and reduces the multiple fee waivers currently required of some students. Note: The Academic Excellence and Success Fee and the student government mandatory fee, labeled as “Student Activity Fee,” are billed on separate lines and are not included in the Comprehensive Fee.

Where can I find more information on the Academic Excellence and Success Fee and the programs supported by the Comprehensive Fee?

Detailed information on services provided by these fees is available from the Broad-based Fees overview page.

Are Comprehensive Fees common at other schools like UB?

Yes. Many of the schools in the Mid-American Conference of which UB is a member have a comprehensive approach to fees and several American Association of Universities (AAU) and SUNY campuses have also instituted a Comprehensive Fee.

How are the fee rates determined?

The fee rates are guided by SUNY policy and take into consideration the Higher Education Price Index (HEPI). Information about HEPI can be found on the Commonfund Institute website. At times and for certain targeted initiatives, SUNY may allow an increase beyond the HEPI percentage.

Do all students pay the same fee?

No. All students are billed for the campus life, college, health, technology, transcript and transportation components as part of the comprehensive approach. Undergraduate day students also are billed for the intercollegiate athletic and recreation component. In addition, comprehensive fee components, except for the transcript fee, are assessed at a per-credit hour basis for part-time students.

How can I impact how the fees are spent?

There are several opportunities for student input on fee planning, first and foremost the annual fee consultation process. During the year, students can also participate in advisory and programming committees in various fee areas or contact the fee coordinators listed below with suggestions, questions, or concerns. For more information on services provided by the fees, please review the broad-based fee expenditure reports that are linked in the chart below.

Fee Contact Person Phone Number Email
Academic Excellence and Success Fee Laurie Barnum 645-6004
Campus Life Fee Christina Hernandez 645-3170
Campus Life Fee (Undergrad Initiative portion) Sandra Pfohman 645-5490
College Fee Laurie Barnum 645-6004
Health Services Fee Christina Hernandez 645-3170
Intercollegiate Athletics Fee Nathaniel Wills 645-5548
Recreation Fee Nathaniel Wills 645-5548
Technology Fee (CIO portion) Rick Lesniak 645-6158
Technology Fee (Libraries portion) Karen Senglaup 645-5951
Transcript Fee Sandra Pfohman 645-5490
Transportation Fee Chris Austin 645-3943

Questions and comments regarding Broad-based Fees may be emailed to

Last updated: January 11, 2018 10:11 am EST