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2014-2015 Broad-based Fees Consultation Process Calendar

Friday, February 14

  • Letter to student governments and campus publications on fee proposal distributed

Monday, February 17

  • Consultation period opens through Friday, February 28
  • MyUB announces opening of the process as a “Need to Know” for all students
  • The MyOpinion survey collection process begins through Friday, February 28
  • Email address and Facebook commenting available for feedback throughout the process
  • Spectrum ads advertising Web site and consultation begin running

Thursday, February 20

  • Meeting with student leadership
  • Discussion of 2013-2014 annual reports and five-year broad-based fee plan with unit representatives

Friday, February 28

  • Close of student input process to allow for compilation and posting of student feedback

Friday, March 7

  • Summary report of student input posted on the website and Facebook

Friday, March 14

  • Target submission of final reports to UB/SUNY

During the consultation process:

  • Advertisements were run in the Spectrum on 2/17, 2/19, 2/24 and 2/26, alerting students that the consultation process was underway
  • Spectrum article 2/26
  • Student MyUB “Need to Know Announcement” run 2/17 – 2/28
  • MyUB MyOpinion survey run 2/17 – 2/28
  • MyOpinion fee survey had 196 student participants. Results (PDF)
  • Google analytics recorded 2,427 unique page views from 2/17 – 2/28
  • Zero phone calls were received
  • Six emails were received
  • No written letters were received
  • Student Affairs site-wide fee consultation advisory run 2/17 – 2/28
  • University Communications templated “UB Students and Student Leaders” advisory letter emailed to all students via CIT mass mail process on Sat. 2/16
  • Campus digital signage ads run from 2/17 – 2/28 (Buildings: Clement Hall, Farber Hall, Fargo Hall, Goodyear Hall, Greiner Hall, Kapoor Hall, Kimball Tower, O’Brian Hall, Student Union)
  • Facebook postings (29,597 total unique views, 1,251 total engaged users, 1,151 total likes, 4 comments received). A daily trivia question contest was run on Facebook from 2/17 – 2/28

Questions and comments regarding Broad-based Fees may be emailed to

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