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2013-2014 Report – Academic Excellence and Success Fee


The State University of New York instituted the Academic Excellence and Success Fee beginning Spring 2012 to provide the critical margin of financial resources necessary for building and enhancing academic and student success programs and that are a key aspect of UB NYSUNY 2020 program.

The Academic Excellence and Success Fee will be assessed to all undergraduate, graduate and first professional degree students at the specific campus. The fee will be pro-rated for part-time students.

Revenue may be used to enhance student academic support services, advisement, research opportunities, equipment, facilities, and scholarships. In addition, funds may be used for personnel service needs such as tutoring, laboratory technicians, faculty and other academic and student support activities.

Student Benefits/Impact

The revenues from the Academic Excellence and Success Fee are an integral financial element in UB’s overall promise in its NYSUNY 2020 plan to increase undergraduate student degree attainment over the next five years by:

Contact Information

Office of the Provost
562 Capen Hall
Monday - Friday; 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Specific Initiatives

The Academic Excellence and Success Fee is expected to generate approximately $5,300,000 in revenue in 2013/14.

Specific Initiatives include:



Q. Is the Academic Excellence and Success Fee part of the Comprehensive Fee?

A. The Academic Excellence and Success Fee is not a part of the “bundled” Comprehensive Fee, however is considered a “broad-based fee.” Broad based fees are generally charged to all enrolled students to finance discrete activities that benefit the student body, excluding those activities that are a part of the core instructional program.

Q. Is this fee included in the Broad-based Fee Student Consultation?

A. Yes. During the student consultation, there are many ways to become involved (MyUB, survey, Facebook, and your student representatives). Students have the opportunity to express thoughts regarding any of the broad-based fees at any time.

Q. What part does the Academic Excellence and Success Fee play in the attainment of NYSUNY 2020?

A. The Academic Excellence and Success Fee program provides the crucial margin of resources that enable the full realization of UB’s NYSUNY 2020. The expenditure plan used for building key academic and student service infrastructures.

Q. What is the NYSUNY 2020 strategy?

A. The first element of this strategy envisions the expansion of interdisciplinary faculty teams that provide new, relevant educational programs for UB students and build UB’s competitiveness in attracting new research support to the university. With this research support comes opportunities for graduate student research support and improved standing for UB in the national and international research community.

Second, UB NYSUNY 2020 builds educational capacity at UB. With the addition of faculty, UB can offer more course sections in high-demand course areas. UB can also provide the advising, technical and facilities infrastructures that ensure more timely attainment of every student’s degree objective and a higher quality educational experience. UB has decided to concentrate the investment of Academic Excellence and Success fee revenues in particular to build these infrastructures for our students.

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