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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my tuition bill? When is my tuition bill due?

Students will receive an email containing information about their eBill at their email address only. The billing schedule provides information on billing dates and due dates. To avoid receiving a late fee, your bill needs to be paid by the due date.

Can I request a duplicate copy of my bill?

You will be able to view your eBill statements in your HUB Student Center by clicking on Payment Options in the Finances section.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. Online payment (Credit Card or eCheck) is the University at Buffalo's preferred payment method. All credit card payments for payment on account must be done through your HUB Student Center.

Is there a payment plan available to pay my bill?

Yes. The University at Buffalo is partnering with Nelnet Campus Commerce to administer payment plans. Payment consists of up to four (4) equal installments, which helps avoid paying your account in full at the beginning of the term.

The payment plan is available for either the Fall or Spring terms (not Summer or Winter Sessions) and has an enrollment fee of $45.00 per term. It is not a loan program and the service is provided interest-free. Students who wish to enroll for both terms must re-apply at the beginning of each term.

Please Note: If you are enrolled in a payment plan, your billing due dates differ from the normal billing process.

Why am I being charged for Student Medical Insurance on my bill? How can I waive this?

Student Medical Insurance is mandatory for all full-time University at Buffalo students. You will be billed automatically; however, this charge may be waived by providing proof that you are covered under an alternative plan that meets all requirements. You will receive email correspondence regarding plan benefits and waiver procedures. See Tuition & Fees for more information about associated charges on your account.

I have a credit balance on my account. When will I receive my refund?

We will automatically refund credit balances on your account as a result of an adjustment or overpayment of your bill. See Refunds for more information.

What is the Comprehensive Fee?

The Comprehensive Fee is a consolidation of campus-required fees which support several University services. The Comprehensive Fee is referred to as the “Comp Fee” on your tuition bill.

Am I eligible for New York State Residency for Tuition Purposes?

You will be considered a New York State resident and be charged in-state tuition rates when it has been determined that New York State has been your domicile (e.g. a permanent and principal home in New York State) for a twelve-month period prior to the start of the semester. If you are currently being charged out-of-state tuition and feel you are a New York State resident, you may apply for New York State Residency for Tuition Purposes.

Why do I have a hold on my account?

A hold is placed on your account by a department(s). A hold is used by the university to prevent student registration and/or release of student records, including a diploma, enrollment certification, or transcript. You can view your holds in your HUB Student Center.

Will I be receiving a 1098-T Tuition Statement?

The university will report to the IRS required information about students who were billed for at least one credit hour in any semester of a tax year. As required by law, 1098-T statements will be mailed by January 31st of the following year. If you were not billed tuition and fees for the preceding year, you will NOT receive a 1098-T. A 1098-T form is mailed to students with a valid social security number on file. If you did not receive a 1098-T but feel you should have one, please contact the Office of Student Accounts.

The 1098-T, along with your copy of your UB billing statements, should be used by your tax preparer to determine your eligibility for a tax credit. Because each taxpayer’s circumstances vary, we cannot provide tax advice or assistance related to the credit or how to claim the credit.

Last updated: August 29, 2017 1:24 pm EST