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Information for the Third Party Sponsor

You must send a letter of authorization or a financial guarantee to the Student Accounts office prior to the beginning of a covered semester. Failure to do so could result in late payment fees or registration holds for the student.

The letter of authorization must be sent on company letterhead and contain an authorized official’s signature. Other mandatory information that must be included in the letter is:

  • Sponsoring agency’s name and billing address
  • Billing contact name, telephone number, and email address
  • Student’s name and UB identification number
  • Precise description of what is to be covered, i.e. tuition, mandatory fees, health insurance, housing, etc.

All letters of authorization must be sent to:

  • University at Buffalo
  • Student Accounts at 1Capen
  • Capen Hall
  • Buffalo, NY 14260-0001

Letters may also be faxed to 716-645-7771 or emailed to

The letters of authorization are subject to review and approval by a third party billing coordinator. Upon approval of the contract, the sponsored student’s account will be noted.

Please be advised that the University at Buffalo is not responsible for any requirements between the sponsoring agency and the student. Therefore, payment authorization cannot be conditional, and must not be contingent upon the student’s grades or submittal of any forms/reports.

The university’s preferential way to submit invoices is via email — please be sure to include a valid billing contact email address in your letter of authorization.

Third Party Invoicing & Payments

Payment is due within 30 days of invoice submittal. Failure to send payment within the allotted 30 day time period may result in late fees and registration holds. If the sponsoring agency will not pay the late fees, the student will be responsible for payment.

All payments must be made directly to the university, not to the student, and should be sent to Student Accounts, made payable to the University at Buffalo. Be sure to list the student’s name and/or identification number on the remittance. We accept checks and electronic transfers; we do not accept credit card payments from third party agencies.

Electronic funds transfer/ACH is the preferred method of payment. For more information on this payment method, please contact Student Accounts.


Any additional questions concerning third party billing can be directed to:

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