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Payment Plan

The University at Buffalo is partnered with Nelnet Campus Commerce to administer payment plans. Depending on when you enroll in the payment plan, you may have up to four installments.

The payment plan is available for both the fall and spring terms (not summer or winter sessions). If you would like to enroll for either spring or fall, you must enroll at the beginning of each term. Please note that you will not be automatically enrolled for the following semester. The payment plan is not a loan program and the service is provided interest-free.

Students who enroll in the payment plan will be flagged in HUB as a plan participant. If you are a payment plan participant, you will NOT receive eBilling statement notification or an eBill from the university. Your payment due dates, as determined by QuikPay/Nelnet, will be the 5th of the month (or the next business day if the 5th falls on a weekend). If the 5th falls on a federal holiday, payment processing will still occur. Please refer to your contract for your specific payment schedule.

Enrollment & Rebalancing

Once you've enrolled in a payment plan, you may need to add a new payment profile or update an existing payment profile that is currently associated with your payment plan.  Find out how to Change your Payment Profile.

Please Note: If you have received an eBill and enroll in a payment plan AFTER the due date of the eBill, you are subject to a late fee.

Your payment plan monthly installment will be automatically deducted from the account that you designated at the time of enrollment. You DO NOT need to log in to make a payment on your account.

Be sure to check your account frequently to see if your payment plan requires rebalancing. Rebalancing is needed if your original balance changes for any reason, such as additional financial aid or additional charges. You, as the plan owner, will be able to initiate the rebalancing by visiting the payment plan option in QuikPay/Nelnet.

Learn how to set up a payment plan to give you some flexibility in paying your tuition. (Video transcript, TXT)

Last updated: August 29, 2017 1:24 pm EST